New Milestone Reached

A milestone was crossed on Saturday 5th September 2020, when I made my 1000th unit, which is currently being completed and sold through my London contact. The Coop Funeral Care were responsible for the origin of my product, while I was working for their company, it was suggested to me that I should try to make soil boxes for burials. I proceeded to design, and eventually produce, a finished product which was then presented to The Coop, they were approved but were unable to take them. This was sadly due to the fact that they would’ve needed them to be manufactured and sold throughout the country, which would’ve created financial losses for their company because of the cost and sheer geographical scale of the task. They advised me to progress with my idea by advertising the product online and promote the ideas through my pre-existing website. This fortunately led to my website being scouted by the London council, who devised a business deal, to supply them with the exception that the product was reduced to a more basic design, to make it easier for me to produce the larger quantities that were required. They then greeted me with the ambitious idea of grave surrounds. I met their ideas with a trial run, before refining the product to their standards, and now, 5 years later the 1000th unit has just been produced and sold. I’ve had to move location and expand my workshop to keep up with the amount of projects and opportunities I have so gratefully received through this experience. I have recently even had to employ a few helpers for my latest orders, to ensure high standards and fast delivery. From this line of products, I am now making a wider range of pieces, including deluxe items specifically for beloved pets that have passed on. For more of my interesting and original products and designs, contact me

Published at: 10-11-2020 / 4198 Views

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